Fastbraces Dentist Brisbane

Choose fastbraces Brisbane for a fast, safe, and affordable solutions. Do you want a straight set of teeth that you’ll be proud to show off? Have you been thinking about getting braces, but the slow process always makes you rethink your choice? Stop overthinking and trust in Hashtag Dentist for a new technology in braces treatment. 

With fastbraces, you get all the positives that you would from traditional metal braces – such as straight teeth and a great smile, without having to wait years for the change to happen. Get the teeth you’ve always wanted and fast when you choose our Fastbraces dentist in Brisbane.

What Are Fastbraces?

Fastbraces is essentially a new technology which allows for the movement of the roots in your teeth towards the appropriate position. This technology is incredibly effective and innovative, with the ability to showcase desired fast braces results in just weeks and months instead of years.

You might be wondering what makes fastbraces so different to the traditional metal braces we’ve all become accustomed to? Well, apart from the overall speed of the procedure, the look of these braces is also different. Fastbraces have a unique triangular design and a distinct heat-activated wire. Usually, traditional braces are more of a square shape and tend to move the crown of the tooth in the first year of treatment and move the root of the tooth to its final position in the second. However, with fastbraces Brisbane you can cut this time in half and get the teeth you’ve always quickly and easily.

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Why Choose Fast braces

There are a range of reasons as to why you should choose fastbraces when you want straight teeth that will bring back your confidence. Some of the reasons that our team at Hashtag Dentist think is worth mentioning include:

Faster Results

The main advantage of fastbraces is that you’ll be seeing results quicker than if you were to choose traditional braces. fast braces vs traditional braces which onw is better, With fastbraces Brisbane, your fastbraces process could be completed in just 3-12 months. With immediate root movement, the method of straightening teeth becomes a lot faster and more reliable. Talk to our team at Hashtag Dentist today for more information on fastbraces and how they can help shape your teeth in a limited amount of time.

Less Painful

Fastbraces technology has been tested for over 25 years. are fast braces safe? Within this testing period, it has been noted that fastbraces are a more comfortable option than regular metal braces. It’s also less invasive as it does not require any tooth extractions which results in less overall pain throughout the treatment.


Compared to other teeth straightening procedures, fastbraces is a more affordable option. When you choose fastbraces from Hashtag Dentist, you could be saving thousands of dollars on your orthodontic treatment. how much does fast braces cost in Brisbane? Talk to our team about payment plans as well as any other questions about cost of fast braces.

Doesn’t Impact Natural Bite

When using fastbraces, your natural bite is not affected. This means you’ll still be able to comfortably eat and chew as well as close your mouth. This is a common problem that people have with traditional braces – causing them more discomfort.

More Aesthetically Pleasing

Fastbraces only require one wire which doesn’t just make them a more comfortable method of treatment but means that it doesn’t need as many wires and brackets as traditional braces. Therefore, providing more aesthetic value than traditional braces would. Book a consultation with us to take a look at fastbraces for yourself.

What Will Fast Orthodontics Brisbane Can Fix?

Our Fast braces Orthodontics Brisbane can solve a variety of issues that occur due to improperly erupted teeth. These can include:

  • Severe crowding
  • Open bite
  • Overbite
  • Spacing
  • High canines

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, talk to our friendly team of fast braces dentists today to discuss whether fastbraces is the best option for you.

The Fastest Way to Straighten Teeth

When you want straight teeth and fast, choose our fast braces dentist for the job. Our fastbraces technology will have you showing off your straightened teeth in no time. Talk to our team today and explore what fastbraces can do for your smile. For more information on our fastbraces procedure or any of our other dental services in Bisbane, call us today on (07) 3060 8424 or 0432 277 707 or book an appointment with our fast braces dentists Brisbane.