Porcelain Crowns: Help Restore Your Beautiful Smile

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If you want to fix or cover your damaged teeth to have a dazzling smile, then porcelain crowns are your ultimate choice. These are custom-made caps crafted using tooth-coloured porcelain that matches your other natural tooth and is fixed to make your smile aesthetically pleasing. If you are seeking for the dental care centre to get porcelain crown, then hashtagdentist is your one-stop destination. We help you permanently fixed these crowns on your chipped or decayed teeth to boost the appeal of your teeth.  

Signs That You Need a Porcelain Crown

  1. Larger Cavities –If you have small cavities, then it can be removed and fill the hole using a simple filling. However, in the case of large cavities, the porcelain crown is the best option. 
  2. Cracked tooth – Cracks in your teeth can accumulate bacteria while damaging the teeth. Getting a porcelain dental crowns is an excellent choice to fix this issue.
  3. Stains –If you have stains on the surface of the teeth, then it can be treated with teeth whitening option. Whereas, if the stain is on the inside of your tooth, then it is best to get a porcelain crown.
  4. Root canal –When your tooth is infected in the centre, you have to opt for a root canal. Here we help you remove all the infected pulp using a medical-grade filler. Here a porcelain crown helps to support the tooth. 

Our Comprehensive Porcelain Crown Procedure

Applying a porcelain crown is the painless procedure. At hashtagdentist, our team of skilled dental practitioner first prepare your teeth to the exacting standards needed for fitting a crown to your tooth. During your first appointment with us, all the internal cracks are examined through x-rays and a physical examination. We ensure to remove decay thoroughly, and this process is performed with local anaesthesia. 

If your tooth is infected deeply in the centre, then you may need a root canal before placing the crown, and which may delay the overall process. However, it is essential for the health of your teeth. Next, our professional dentist will place a temporary crown using non-permanent cement to check your bite and ensure that everything is aligned for comfortable chewing. This step is vital for long-lasting durability of your crown.

This temporary crown will be fitted for around two or three weeks until we prepare your permanent porcelain crowns that best suits your other natural teeth, colour and structure. 

Why to Opt for Porcelain Crowns Treatment in Brisbane?

  • To preserve the immature teeth from decay or breaking
  • To support a tooth with a large filling when there is a smaller number of teeth left
  • To protect extensively stained or discoloured teeth
  • To secure a dental bridge in its place or cover a dental implant
  • To make a cosmetic alteration
  • If you lost tooth and experience a dental emergency, you should seek treatment immediately.

Get Quality Porcelain Crowns for Your Front Teeth & Molars

When your smile has lost its spark to the daily wear and tear of chewing and stains, yet if you want to save your pearly white teeth, then your fix-all solution can be porcelain dental crowns. Most people get this crown on their front teeth to boost confidence. If you also desire the same, then we are here to help you. Our porcelain crowns Brisbane dental care treatment is ideal for front tooth restoration as the crowns are translucent and look like your natural teeth. 

Apart from front teeth, if you want to treat your back teeth or molars, then also porcelain dental crown is the best choice. They are the artificial cover that we shaped like your real back teeth and then place over broken or misshapen teeth. Overall, your oral health will improve and get a perfect smile to increase self-esteem.  

Our professional dentist will determine the best types of crowns as per your issue, location, and visibility of the teeth. Feldspathic porcelain, Empress crown, Procera crown, Lava crown, Zirconia crowns, Emax crowns, and much more all are the types of full porcelain crowns. 

Our Tips to Prolong Porcelain Crown Longevity

  • Ensure to take proper care of your restored teeth by doing regular brushing and flossing.
  • Practice the right dental hygiene to avoid the tooth decay underneath a porcelain crown.
  • Avoid the consumption of coffee and red wine that tend to stain your natural teeth. 
  • Do not follow teeth whitening home remedies on your crowns instead discuss with the dentist.

Need a Local Dentist for Porcelain Crowns Brisbane?

A general dentist can also help you fit the dental crowns perfectly, but your best bet is to visit the prosthodontist at hashtagdentist for this treatment. Our dentist has years of experience in restorative dentistry and provides the affordable porcelain crowns cost in Brisbane that suits your budget. If you need more details on our cost of porcelain crown payment plan Brisbane, then call us at (07) 3060 8424 or 0432 277 707