Treatment Options For Cracked Tooth Syndrome

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Are you experiencing pain when you bit down your food or an ache while enjoying your icy beverage? Discomfort or pain is not constant. You may be suffering from the signs of cracked tooth syndrome. It’s a time to book an appointment with Hashtag Dentist – your trusted, local family dentist.

A microfracture in your tooth may be too small to be seen through your naked eyes. Hence, it requires an x-ray, professional care, and treatment to solve the issue. It is associated with a variety of symptoms and severity that makes it one of the trickier dental conditions to diagnose. There are different types of cracks and causes.

Possible Reasons For Cracked Tooth Syndrome

There are several factors responsible for causing this microfracture in your tooth. Some of them are:

  • Injury to your mouth
  • Biting down on a hard food item
  • Standard wear and tear
  • Your age
  • Grinding or clenching of teeth
  • Abrupt change in temperature of the food items you are biting
  • Teeth with root canal treatment
  • Lack of dental hygiene
  • Teeth with large fillings
  • More

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Common Symptoms

Tooth fissure pain is not constant, unlike the tooth cavity. It will come and go depending on outside factors or movement that is triggering it. Hence, it’s challenging to identify which tooth is suffering. If you notice any of the following symptoms, you may suspect that you are suffering from cracked teeth and seek professional help immediately:

  • Pain while chewing your food
  • Rebound pain when you release pressure from biting down
  • Erratic pain and discomfort while aggravating your broken tooth
  • Tooth sensitivity to extreme cold and hot temperatures
  • Sensitivity to the sweetness
  • Swelling of gum area around your affected tooth
  • Jaw pain

What Treatment Options Can You Expect From Us

The type of treatment options we recommend depends on the kind of crack, location, severity, and the symptoms of the dental fracture. Hence, book an appointment with our expert dentist as soon as you suspect a break in your tooth. Some of our common treatment options are: Root Canal Therapy We provide root canal treatment to extirpate the ailing pulp and replace it with inert dental cement. The removal of pulp helps in treating pain, discomfort and all other symptoms associated with your tooth. Dental Filling Or Crown Restoration Based on the location and severity of the damage, we fill dental cement or metal restoration onto your dental crack.  We recommend for crown restoration only when your dental crack has not reached far up into your pulp. Bonding We address shallow crack in your tooth with crown restoration and bonding. Tooth Extraction We recommend extraction in case the cracks are below your gumline. After extraction, we replace your tooth with removable denture or implant.

Useful Preventive Tips

You need our expert’s help to fix the cracks, but you can follow our advice to prevent them from cracking. If you are playing a sport or doing any activity that carries the risk of a dental injury, ensure to wear a mouthguard or protective mask. You can enjoy your favourite foods by taking care of not biting down hard. If you want to protect your teeth from grinding during sleep, wearing a mouthguard or a retainer is the best option for you.

Ignoring the pain or discomfort is not a solution; you need to take the issue seriously as a signal to seek professional help. It will help in preventing further complications. Don’t hesitate to book an appointment with us as soon as you suspect or experience discomfort because of your dental fissure.

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