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Some dental issues can’t wait. We offers emergency dental services in Brisbane. You deserve the very best urgent dental care.


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We’re here when you need fast, reliable emergency dentist in Brisbane. With our years of experience and expertise in the dental care industry, we understand how important it is to rectify dental issues as soon as they occur.

We guarantee same-day emergency appointments in Brisbane when you’re struggling with a dental pain or any sorts of a dental emergency. We also offer affordable dental payment plans for dental treatments that may need urgent attention to mitigate your emergency dentist appointment cost.

Dental emergency? We offer same day appointments. How do I get an emergency dentist appointment? Simply call our line on (07) 3179 6083.

Please keep in mind that if you are experiencing a life-threatening injury or require on the spot treatment, it is best to visit the emergency department before coming to Hashtag Dentist for a local emergency dentist appointment.

Emergency Dentistry In Brisbane CBD

Whether you’re suffering from a broken, missing, or chipped tooth, our team will act quickly and efficiently to rectify these issues and save your teeth from any further damage. Serious issues such as nerve pain, toothache, and enhanced sensitivity can be detrimental to our daily routines, and therefore, it’s important to find a solution early.

We’re proud to be a Brisbane local emergency dentist that provides wisdom tooth removal, pediatric dental emergency and cosmetic dentistry or any sort of best dental services to our clients. Emergency dentistry is broad and understanding whether or not you require such services can be difficult.

It’s best to call our dental clinic and discuss your issues with our dentists over the phone. If we believe that your issue requires emergency dental care, we’ll book a same-day appointment for you to come in and get it properly checked. For urgent emergency dental treatment in Brisbane, please call (07) 3179 6083.

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Hashtag Dentist is your trusted Same Day emergency dentist in Brisbane, ensuring you receive quality dental services when you need them most. Contact us today for more information.

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Emergency Dentistry Brisbane CBD

What is a Dental Emergency?

Knowing the reasons to see an emergency dentist is vital, as allowing dental issues to spread may cause more prominent issues in the long run. Don’t wait. Our team of experts have listed some common reasons people need emergency dental care.

Accidents happen, and it can be scary when you have hurt your teeth or gums.

If you experience an accident of any kind and require emergency dental treatment around the Brisbane area, contact our compassionate team to book a same-day appointment. We have all of the necessary equipment needed for temporary veneers to cover chips and breaks, as well as years of experience treating gum trauma.

  • Lost/Broken Tooth Filling or Dental Crown : A lost or broken filling can be detrimental to your prolonged oral health if not treated properly. Losing a filling allows bacteria to develop between the tooth and the filling, which means there’s a greater chance of the bacteria spreading and damaging your oral health. Protect your natural tooth by taking the appropriate steps to treat a broken filling by contacting our dentist. We’ll examine your tooth carefully and find an appropriate solution for the problem to restore your tooth’s natural functionality.
  • Tooth Fractured/Cracked : A fall or physical injury could lead to a fractured, cracked, or even missing tooth. These situations can be a cause for emergency dental services depending on the severity. A cracked or fractured tooth can cause extreme sensitivity or a severe toothache if the nerve gets affected. If you find that your tooth is cracked, call our team, and we’ll deal with the situation to ensure it’s properly tended to. If the crack is minor, then we’ll be able to repair it with just a filling, however, if the nerves have been impacted, then we’ll proceed with the appropriate tooth removal treatment.
  • Facial Swelling: Various factors can cause swelling around the mouth and it is important to book a local emergency dentist appointment. There might be a simple reason for the swelling, but it could also be a sign of something major that needs urgent attention. A blocked salivary gland, the impact of medication side effects, poor nutrition (for example, low vitamin C levels), gingivitis and gum disease, and some oral cancers can cause swelling.
  • Abscess: Infection by bacteria causes an abscess in the tooth. In addition to being extremely painful, abscesses cannot heal on their own, so treatment should be sought immediately. A bacterial infection from an abscess can spread to the blood or other parts of the body if left untreated.
  • Emergency Dentist Wisdom Tooth Removal: Unless you are experiencing pain or discomfort from the wisdom teeth growing into your mouth, wisdom teeth extraction does not constitute an emergency dental situation. This is not the case when you have impacted wisdom teeth which means that they have failed to erupt fully. The result can be symptoms such as pain and discomfort, as well as an increased risk of gum or tooth infections. You need emergency dentist wisdom tooth removal if your wisdom teeth are impacted.
  • Crown Came Off: Your broken section of the crown must be replaced or you must get a new one. You should follow any other special instructions from your dentist until your appointment.
  • Pain After Extraction (Dry Socket): In most cases, a blood clot forms immediately after a tooth extraction, effectively sealing the wound and allowing it to begin healing. The delicate nerve is exposed to the elements when this clot is dislodged too early, causing a dry socket, which can be extremely painful. A trip back to the dentist is necessary if this happens.
  • Broken Dentures: Dentures that break can have a tremendous impact on your life, which is why they are regarded as dental emergencies. Infections often result from gum and mouth irritations caused by dentures. This can make it difficult to eat, chew, and speak properly.
  • Root Canal Treatment: We are commonly asked “do emergency dentists do root canals?” If the pain is unbearable, this does qualify as a dental emergency. At the least, we can treat the tooth and eliminate the pain until your scheduled appointment.
  • Lip and Gum Injuries: A mouth injury, especially in children, can affect teeth, jaws, lips, tongue, inner cheeks, gums, palate (hard or soft), throat, or tonsils. These injuries often look worse than they are. The head and neck area contains many blood vessels, so even a small cut or puncture may bleed profusely. Minor mouth injuries can be treated at home by stopping bleeding, reducing pain, promoting healing, and preventing infection. If there is an issue involving the teeth and gums, you should see a broken tooth emergency dentist. For lip and mouth trauma that is major or won’t stop bleeding, you should call Triple 0 or present to the emergency award at your closest hospital.
  • Nerve Pain (Neuropathic Pain) Treatment: In the case of severe tooth pain, it’s important to book an emergency dental appointment right away. Teeth are connected to the nerves, and therefore, any damage to a nerve can lead to an excruciating toothache. Therefore, to relieve this pain, Avoiding treatment can result in a damaged tooth that will eventually need to be extracted if not confronted properly.
  • Tooth Infection: When dealing with a tooth infection, you may find that your face begins to swell. If this occurs, you will require immediate medical attention as increased swelling can lead to a list of other, more detrimental consequences for both your overall health and oral care. Swelling may also develop due to wisdom teeth issues or a range of other dental health issues. Whatever the case, if your face is starting to swell due to dental concerns, contact our emergency dentists today for immediate action.

If you’re suffering from one of these issues or unsure whether your situation requires dental care, contact our team today. Looking for reliable dental clinics in Brisbane? #Dentist offers top-notch emergency dental care in brisbane call (07) 3179 6083 for book an appointment.

Preventing a Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies usually occur when we least expect them, and at times, they’re completely unavoidable. However, there are measures we can take and strategies we can put in place to prevent a dental emergency from occurring, best we can.

  • When playing sport or competing in contact activity, remember to wear a mouthguard. Utilising a custom-made mouthguard designed specifically for your teeth will be the best form of protection, especially from any hard knocks or hits.
  • Do not use your teeth to open packages such as chip packets or any other wrapped items. Instead, it’s best to always use scissors. Using your teeth for such tasks can place added pressure on the teeth and result in a crack or fracture.
  • Resist on chewing on hard objects, including ice and pens.
  • Have a good oral hygiene routine that you complete daily. This includes brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash for the best results.

Experts in Treatment for Toothache & Broken Teeth. For Same Day emergency care, visit our emergency dental hospital in Brisbane, where Hashtag Dentist professionals provide expert treatment.

What helps unbearable tooth pain?

If you are experiencing unbearable tooth pain, there are a few steps you can take to find temporary relief until you can see a dentist:

  • Rinse your mouth with warm saltwater: Mix half a teaspoon of salt in 8 ounces of warm water and swish it around your mouth for 30 seconds before spitting it out. This can help alleviate inflammation and reduce pain.
  • Use over-the-counter pain relievers: Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen can help alleviate tooth pain. Follow the instructions on the packaging and consult a pharmacist or healthcare professional if needed.
  • Apply a cold compress: Place an ice pack or a bag of frozen vegetables wrapped in a cloth on the affected area to numb the pain and reduce swelling.
  • Avoid hot or cold foods and beverages: Extreme temperatures can exacerbate tooth sensitivity and pain, so it’s best to stick to lukewarm or room-temperature foods and drinks.

Remember, these are temporary measures, and it’s essential to schedule an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible to address the underlying cause of the pain. Emergencies can happen anytime; that’s why hashtag Dentist specialises in Same Day dentistry to address your urgent dental needs.

What do I need to do in case of a dental emergency at night?

If you experience a dental emergency at night, it’s essential to take the following steps:

  • Stay calm: Panicking can make the situation more difficult to handle. Take a deep breath and try to remain composed.
  • Assess the situation: Determine the severity of the dental emergency. Contact emergency services immediately if you are unsure or the situation seems life-threatening.
  • Contact an emergency dentist: Look us for emergency services or have our on-call dentist available. Call us at (07) 3179 6083 or leave a message explaining your situation. We will guide the next steps.
  • Follow any immediate first aid measures: If bleeding, use a clean cloth or gauze to apply gentle pressure to the area. If a tooth is knocked out, keep it moist by placing it in a container of milk or saliva without touching the root. Avoid touching any exposed nerves or roots.
  • Manage pain and discomfort: Take over-the-counter pain relievers as directed on the packaging to help manage the pain until you can see a dentist.

Facing a dental emergency in Brisbane? Hashtag Dentist’s skilled team is ready to provide prompt and effective dental care.

What is considered an emergency dental procedure?

Emergency dental procedures require immediate attention to address urgent oral health issues. These procedures aim to alleviate severe pain, stop bleeding, prevent further damage, or treat life-threatening conditions. Examples of emergency dental procedures include:

  • Treatment of severe toothache or dental abscesses
  • Management of a knocked-out or avulsed tooth
  • Repair of fractured or broken teeth
  • Re-implantation of displaced teeth
  • Emergency root canal treatment for infected teeth
  • Control of severe gum bleeding or trauma to the gums
  • Treatment of dental injuries resulting from accidents or trauma
  • Stabilisation of dental restorations or appliances that are causing significant pain or discomfort.

It’s important to note that in a dental emergency, seeking professional dental care is crucial to ensure appropriate treatment and prevent further complications. For fast and reliable emergency dental services in Brisbane, trust #Dentist to handle your dental crisis with care.

Emergency Dentist Near Me, Brisbane – FAQ’s

When you need an emergency dentist in Brisbane, Hashtag Dentist is your go-to clinic for immediate and professional assistance.

Emergency dentistry is an important service in any dental clinic but understanding whether your situation requires an emergency dentist’s assistance can be difficult. Therefore, our team of expert dentists have answered some of your most frequently asked questions and how it works at Hashtag Dentist. For more information, contact us today.

How much does an emergency dentist appointment cost?

The cost of your emergency dental appointment will be completely dependent on what it’s for. Prices vary for root canals compared to emergency tooth extractions or even fillings. Usually, emergency dentist services tend to be more expensive than general appointments as they happen suddenly and may require multiple treatments for a solution to be found. Our dentist at Hashtag Dentist will inform you of the emergency dentist appointment cost.

How do I get an emergency dentist appointment?

To book an emergency dentist appointment with us, simply call us on (07) 3179 6083. We’ll be happy to help with your dental emergency needs and find a solution to your problem. When you’re searching for ‘emergency dentist near me’, look no further than Hashtag Dentist.

Can Urgent Care treat tooth abscess?

Urgent care will take a look at your tooth abscess; however, they may not always be able to treat it. Depending on your abscess’s severity, the specialist at the urgent care will refer you to an emergency dentist that will investigate the issue in greater detail. For emergency dentist services, it’s best to go straight to a dental clinic. When you need the best emergency dentist, contact us today at Hashtag Dentist.

How can I get emergency dental treatment?

Attaining emergency dental treatment is easy when you choose us at Hashtag Dentist. If you’re suffering from a dental emergency that you need solving right away, contact our team today, and we’ll book you a same-day appointment with our dentists. Don’t wait until your dental issues worsen, come in, and see our emergency dentists today.

Do you offer emergency treatment?

As a leading family dental clinic in Brisbane, we offer emergency dental services to help our customers with their immediate dental needs. Whether you are struggling with dental trauma, met with an accident, or any other dental issue that needs quick treatment, you can contact us immediately and drive to our clinic.

We will prioritise and give you quick treatment during regular office hours. We also offer emergency treatment services beyond regular office hours.

What is meant by dental emergency?

A dental emergency involves sudden and unexpected dental problems that require immediate attention from a dental professional. These emergencies typically involve severe pain, trauma, or damage to the teeth, gums, or oral structures. Prompt treatment is necessary to alleviate pain, prevent complications, and preserve oral health

What is the most common dental emergency?

The most common dental emergency is toothache. Various factors, such as dental decay, tooth infection, gum disease, dental trauma, or a dental abscess, can cause it. Toothache is often characterised by intense pain, sensitivity to hot or cold, swelling, and discomfort while biting or chewing. Seeking prompt dental care is crucial to diagnose and treat the underlying cause of the toothache.

Don’t wait in pain; seek immediate help at Hashtag Dentist, the leading provider of emergency dental services in Brisbane.

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I definitely recommend this dentist. I had appointments with Dr. Sonia and appreciate the effort that she went to when explaining problems she found, using pictures of my teeth as reference. After getting some fillings done I'm very happy with my experience, and will continue to go there. Thanks again Dr. Sonia and friendly staff!

Nathan Marshall

I highly recommend this dentist! Dr Amit was very professional and with a caring manner. I had a big surgery and very nervous about the pain etc. It was basically painfree. You couldn't go better for reasonable pricing and great customer service. Will be my go to dentist from now on.

Dean Burton

Dr. Amit Deveshkar is great. My son had issue which I was concerned. I got an appointment straight away. Checked up my son and assured everything is good. I recommend Amit and this clinic. Compassionate, knowledgeable and skilled doctor. He knows how to communicate with kids and treat them. He is now our family dentist.

Sudhir G B

Dr Amit and team are awesome, great service, advice and treatment. I must admit i do suffer a bit of anxiety when going to the dentist, though Dr Amit was excellent in explaining and telling me what he was doing and it helped me manage my anxiety. Very highly recommend.

Louise Stott

So happy we found Hashtag Dentist & Dr Amit Deveshkar following a not-so-good experience with another local dental practice. He has such a good way with his younger patients, making them feel at ease and explaining everything so it's easy to understand. And even with the more difficult dental work, I feel very confident as his skillset is second to none. Highly recommended!

Lisa Cooke

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