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Are you unhappy with discoloured and crooked teeth? Is it constantly shutting down your confidence? Change the look of your teeth with the help of porcelain veneers. At hashtagdentist, our team of professional dentists can help you get the smile you’ve always wanted. Talk to us today about our porcelain veneers treatment. At hashtagdentist, we also offer composite veneers as an affordable procedure that will change the shape and size of any tooth to restore your smile. Composite veneers (also known as resin veneers) are bonded to the teeth and repair those that are chipped, broken or decayed. If you’re in need of a healthy smile, and fast, choose our composite veneers treatment at hashtagdentist for a vibrant glow and reliable procedure.

Composite Bonding

Dental bonding is a quick process with the ability to restore a natural smile that does not involve invasive procedures or constant dentist appointments. Our composite bonding treatment is straight-forward and simple.

 Our dentists will use a shade guide to choose a composite resin that matches the colour of your teeth perfectly which ensures symmetry between your natural teeth and your veneers. We will then prepare the surface of the tooth we are focusing on by applying a liquid that will help the bonding agent attach itself to the tooth. We’ll apply the veneer over the liquid which is when the bonding process starts so that we can shape the tooth to give you the perfect look. We’ll finish the process by hardening the material with a curing light.

Why Choose Brisbane Composite Veneers?


  • Helps to fix discolouration, crooked, misplaces or misshaped teeth
  • Composite veneers Brisbane cost is relatively inexpensive in comparison to other restorative procedures
  • Comfortability
  • Versatility


  • Composite veneers are made of a weaker material than other veneers such as porcelain.Therefore, for something that is sturdier and requires less maintenance, you may choose porcelain veneers instead. Our team of professionals can help you make the right choice for your set of pearly whites.
  • The composite veneers will need to be replaced or repaired more frequently than if you were to have porcelain veneers
  • Over time, your composite veneers could absorb stains just as natural teeth do

Why Choose Porcelain Veneers Brisbane?

Porcelain veneers can be used to restore a range of dental issues, these may include:
  • Broken teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Discoloured or worn out teeth
  • Aged teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Uneven teeth
Durability At hashtagdentist, our porcelain veneers are sturdy and long lasting. Regular veneers tend to deteriorate over time, however, at hashtagdentist, we’re proud of our porcelain veneers as we ensure that daily activities such as eating and drinking will not negatively affect the veneer’s appearance – allowing you to smile confidently at all times. Affordability We’ve ensured that our porcelain veneers cost Brisbane is affordable so that everyone has the option of attaining a smile makeover. We understand that regular veneers are often quite expensive which is why at hashtagdentist, we keep our porcelain veneers at an affordable price. Effectiveness With our dentist’s expertise and experience, installing porcelain veneers is an efficient and effective process that can be completed in just a few short weeks. With quick and easy consultation appointments, we’ll be able to scan your mouth, conduct 3D scans of your teeth and craft your veneers in no time. Non-Invasive Method We understand the discomfort and irritation that comes with most dentist appointments and procedures. No one likes being constantly poked with different tools and that’s why we guarantee a non-invasive procedure. Our porcelain veneers can be directly bonded on your teeth which means the treatment normally involves no needles or prodding. Talk to our specialists today about our porcelain veneers method.

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