Start your child’s dental care journey early with the help of our professional team at Hashtag Dentist. We’re a team of a friendly, professional paediatric dentist in Brisbane who can cater to the whole family – especially children who are starting to learn what it means to have good oral health. 

We love meeting children from their very first dental appointment so we can point them in the right direction and help familiarise them with the dental clinic environment. We’ll help you build good oral health habits with your children so that they’ll have strong, resilient teeth for years to come.

What’s Included In Paediatric Dentistry?

Our methods include a variety of preventative measures that are introduced from an early stage to monitor and track your child’s dental progression as they age. This includes:

  • Dental exams
  • Cleaning
  • X-rays and digital imaging
  • Much more

In addition to preventative measures, we’re also specialists in tooth extractions and other treatments that the little ones may be in need of. Whatever the issue may be, If you are in pain, talk to our emergency dentist today and we’ll find a solution.

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Baby Teeth Cleaning

As baby teeth start to form, they should be cleaned immediately. Usually, baby teeth should be cleaned after every bottle or meal to maintain strong oral health even has an infant. We’ll advise you on what to do when it comes to brushing your baby’s teeth and protecting their gums. If you want to find out more about dental care for babies, contact us today.

First Dental Visit

We prepare your child for the long-term. Therefore, it is important that your child visits our dentist who is specialist kids dentist in and around Brisbane area within their first year of life so that we can help them establish dental hygiene practices and provide you with a reliable, high-quality dental cleaning plan. 

Dental Sealant Application

For children, when a new tooth erupts, it’s important to apply a dental sealant to protect the tooth/teeth from decaying. It’s a preventative measure that will have a positive impact in the long term. For more information on dental sealants and how they’re beneficial for your child’s tooth or oral health trajectory, contact our team at Hashtag Dentist today.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride for children’s teeth is a tricky issue. Fluoride is integral when it comes to preventing childhood dental diseases. Fluoride will alter the molecular structure of the tooth which makes it stronger and more resistant to acid attack or decay. However, it’s important to have the right balance of fluoride as too much could also be problematic. Therefore, talk to our team of professional dentists about our fluoride treatments and whether they’re suitable for your child.

Promoting Good Oral Health For Your kids

As parents, you’ll want your children to get the best dental care possible. At Hashtag Dentist, we’re all about promoting good oral health to your children so that they’re comfortable with maintaining their dental health from their early stages of life up until adulthood.

Therefore, it’s extremely important that good oral care is promoted at home rather than just relying on dentist appointments. Our team want to help you create positive oral health habits within your home so that they transfer to your kids as they grow up. 

This includes brushing twice a day and flossing daily. By implementing these simple but effective actions into our daily lives, your child’s teeth will grow stronger and more resilient. To start your child’s dental health journey with our friendly dental care at Hashtag Dentist, ask for a consultation session today or book your next appointment with us.

Why Bring Your Child to See a Children's Dentist?

Dental issues differ in all age groups, from infants, adolescents, teenagers to young children. Therefore, it is vital to hire a knowledgeable children’s dentist, a specialist in treating and preventing dental disease or overall oral health. At Hashtag Dentist, we have a skilled dentist for kids who understand their specific dental and behavioural needs at different stages.

From orthodontics treatment, preventive care with fluoride usage and fissure sealants to education about oral hygiene, all are the things you get while visiting our dental hospital in Brisbane. However, we understand that teenagers differ from young children in their dental requirements. Dental decay is seen more in teens because of their dietary habits.

Our dentist recommends every teen out there to avoid acidic, carbonated beverages, high sugar consumption, and carbohydrates. Following this advice will help to maintain good oral hygiene. In teenagers having cavities around the braces, we offer an effective orthodontic treatment to prevent dental decay and recommends wearing mouthguards for sports. 

Our Skilled Dentist Provides Following Services

children's dentist Brisbane
  • Best dental treatment to avoid decay, holes, and enamel hypoplasia.
  • Provides care and comfort for children who are in pain, scared or anxious.
  • Treat babies who cannot feed as their tongue is tied down.
  • Offer emergency dental treatments to perform nerve regeneration or transplants.
  • Help kids with crowded or crooked teeth and need surgery in their mouth.
  • Look after children who have small jaws or need to rebuild damaged front teeth.

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How to Prepare Your Child for Their First Visit to Dentist?

  • Prepare your child while visiting the dentist by saying it is the simple thing you need to do for staying safe and healthy.
  • Make your kids understand that the dentist is there to heal them by taking care of their teeth.
  • Develop trust in the dentist by giving them stuffed animal a check-up with a toy mirror as your children learn best when they are having fun.
  • Educate your child by telling them that the dental expert will only count their teeth using a unique mirror.
  • Never use terms that could negatively impact your child's mental state on visiting dental care centre.
  • Visit your dentist for kids ahead of time to make your daughter or son comfortable and familiar.

1. Maintain good oral hygiene
Good oral health directly impacts your kid’s overall health condition. Therefore, it is especially important to maintain oral hygiene. The teeth of kids and even adults are crucial, so they need utmost care. Our dentist for kids provides the best advice on tooth brushing, flossing, and eating habits. Forming a good oral hygiene routine initially will help establish accurate dental habits during your child’s developing stage.
2. Consider healthy food in lunch boxes
Food plays a huge role in keeping your kid’s teeth healthy. Certain foods are beneficial for keeping the teeth’s enamel strong. Take a look!
• Vegetable sticks – carrots, snow peas, celery, cherry or grape tomatoes
• Baked beans and hard-boiled egg
• Cheese and popcorn with low sugar
• Fresh fruit and nuts (if allowed)
• Leafy greens such as salad, broccoli, and spinach
These are some of the foods that our best kids’ orthodontist suggests to keep the teeth sparkling white and healthy.
3. Brush at least twice a day
Brushing twice a day keeps the decay away. The most suitable time to brush teeth is after meals. Select the soft toothbrush for your kids with a small head to clean back teeth easily. Ensure to use fluoridated toothpaste as it helps to strengthen tooth enamel while reducing the risk of discolouration. Make your child brush for at least two or three minutes daily. 

Emergency Dentist for Kids Providing Oral Habit Management

Developing a good oral habit will make your children feel secure and happy. Significant oral habits that create dental problems are as follows: –

1. Finger or Thumb Sucking Habit
If your child has a thumb-sucking habit, they can have crooked teeth or bite problems. The high frequency of thumb sucking even after 2 or 4 years can create risky dental issues. Therefore, it is vital to break their finger or thumb sucking habit. Our emergency dentist for kids can help you by providing some valuable tips and bitter-tasting medicaments to break down sucking habits. They may also recommend using a mouth appliance in case weaning techniques failed.
2. Teeth Grinding Habit
In some children, teeth grinding habit – also known as bruxism is observed. It is also a major dental concern that negatively impacts oral health. The cause of night grinding of teeth is still unclear but can involve psychological stress due to environmental change, school trouble, allergy or ear infection. Dentist will examine the actual reason behind your child’s teeth grinding habit and treat it in the best way.

We Believe in Having a Good Oral Health in Your Child from a Growing Age!

Knowing the enamel defect or hypoplasia in your kids at an earlier age can result in excellent oral health. Every parent should know the significance of enamel, what causes enamel defects, and the treatment options to maintain good oral hygiene. Enamel defects in primary or permanent teeth in your children causes because poor childhood nutrition, birth difficulties, prematurity, and much more. And due to enamel defects, there is a high risk of dental decay and tooth sensitivity.

Once you know your child’s enamel issues, it is advisable to immediately consult the best kids’ orthodontist. Being the best choice for kids dental clinic, we aim to treat enamel defects by reducing tooth sensitivity and strengthening teeth. We recommend fluoride treatment or tooth mousse. Even your child can go with restoration, including composite resin or dental crowns. Also, we offer teeth extraction for very badly formed or decayed teeth. 


Paediatric dentists are dentists who are specially trained to address the oral health issues of children, from their infancy to the teen years. The main goal of dentists is helping their child patients to ensure proper oral development.

Children go through the most rapid phase of oral growth and development. And proper oral development of children is critical in deciding their oral health throughout life. Therefore, paediatric dentists have a larger role in defining the oral health of every individual.

The first dental visit of a child is recommended to be by their first birthday or within six months from the development of their first teeth – whichever is earlier. This helps the dentist to observe the development pattern of oral structure and advise the parent on good oral hygienic practices.

If the dentist notices any oral health issues, they provide with treatment options and help the child to ensure good oral growth.

At hashtag dentist, we will examine the teeth, jaws, gums, and oral tissues of your child and check the oral growth and development. Based on the condition of their teeth, we may perform a gentle cleaning to remove plaque, tartar, and stains. We may also polish the teeth to minimise the issues of future staining and accumulation of plaque.

If we observe dental decay or any other dental issue, we will provide treatment services based on the complexity of the issue. In most cases, we offer fluoride treatment to children to prevent future dental decay. Based on the age of your child, we may advise proper oral hygienic practices – including brushing and flossing – to achieve good oral health.

The service of a paediatric dentist is slightly costlier than a general dentist. However, the rates are not vastly different, and the expertise and quality of service paediatric dentists bring to your child justify the cost of it.

Paediatric dentists are specially trained to address the oral health issues of children and manage them in the dental chair. A general dentist may find it difficult to manage infants and toddlers. In contrast, paediatric dentists know how to make them follow the dental hygienic tips and convince them the need for good oral health through activities and advice.

We advise parents to bring their children around their first birthday or within six months from the date of their first tooth erupts – whichever is earlier. Therefore, it is already late to take your 3-year old child to a paediatric dentist.

Regular dental visits – once every six months – can ensure proper growth and development of the oral structure of your child. It also can help them to practice good oral hygienic practices from their very young age.

Both complete the same bachelor’s degree in dentistry that trains the aspects of general dentistry. When it comes paediatric dentists, they complete special education and training in children’s dentistry – usually it is a 2-3 years program.

During the program, they learn techniques and skills to treat children of different ages. Children often have specific issues such as thumb sucking, shark teeth, tongue thrusting, and more. A paediatric dentist earns the expertise to provide treatment solutions for all the oral issues of a child.

dental issue, a paediatric dentist must be able to perform the surgical procedures by ensuring no pain or stress to your child.

At hashtag dentist, we are experienced paediatric dentists who can provide a wide range of surgical solutions for children’s oral issues. Though we offer sleep dentistry solutions to address the pain and stress of children, we try to resolve the oral issues of children with non-surgical procedures.

This is mainly due to the long healing and recovery period of surgical procedures and strict after-procedure guidelines, which children often struggle to follow.

It depends on the age of your child. While we try to avoid complex dental procedures for infants and toddlers, teenagers and young adults can receive most procedures like adults. From orthodontic treatments to complex tooth extraction, we have solutions for all the oral health issues of children.

The most common treatment procedures we offer to children are the following:

  • Tooth coloured fillings
  • Dental cleaning
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Treatment for cavities
  • Early orthodontic care
  • Tooth extraction
  • Sealants

As soon as the tooth of your child gets chipped or broken, you can contact us for an emergency appointment and drive to our clinic. We will give prioritised treatment services for your child during office hours.

We also extend our emergency dental services beyond regular office hours, and you can contact us to get a quick appointment.

Every child is a potential candidate for fluoride treatment to minimise dental decay. Fluoride is a natural mineral that is essential for developing strong teeth and preventing cavities. When applied on the enamel – the outer layer of the tooth – it fights the bacteria that cause dental decay.

Children experience issues of dental decay and cavities due to their eating habits and lack of oral hygiene. Fluoride treatment at regular intervals can minimise most issues due to dental decay and improve the oral health of your child.

Hashtag Dentist is a leading family dental clinic in Brisbane with oral care services for all the age group. We offer cosmetic, general, paediatric, orthodontic, surgical, and emergency dental services. We have qualified and highly experienced dental practitioners to offer exceptional dental care solutions to our patients.

We combine our expertise with the latest technology to deliver the best possible treatment results. Our dental clinic at Logan Road, Holland Park West, is a state-of-the-art dental care destination with an engaging and relaxed environment. We have dedicated children’s play area and specially themed consulting rooms to make your child comfortable and happy under our roof.

Children may become nervous when you tell them about the dental visit. Their apprehensions may be due to traumatic dental treatment visuals they saw or horrific stories they heard before. You can address their concerns and ensure a more comfortable dental visit with a number of strategies.

While telling them about the dental visit, you can also explain to your child what is expected during the procedure. You can also make them understand the importance of good oral health and tell them that dental visits are an important step to achieve that. Introduce paediatric dentists as caring and friendly people and create some enthusiasm about dental visits.

At hashtag dentist, we use digital X-rays for diagnostics. In addition to giving more accurate and quick results, digital X-rays emit 90 percent less radiation compared to traditional X-rays. Additionally, we prefer not to take X-rays for children during general dental visits, except for any serious dental issues were noted by our dentists during the examination.

Even when your child should get X-rays for diagnostics, our digital X-ray diagnostic technology ensure minimal exposure of radiation to them. And it is completely safe for them.

Place a small piece of sterile gauze over the socket to control the bleeding and ask your child to bite down to hold it in place. Never touch the root of the knocked-out tooth while handling it. Rinse the tooth using milk if it is dirty and try to place it back into the socket gently. If that doesn’t work, place the tooth in a container of salt water, milk, or saliva – never allow it to dry.

You can then contact us for emergency dental service and drive to our clinic with your child. If we identify that the tooth can be reattached, we will splint the tooth in the socket using a thin metal or plastic wire. In many cases, the bone around the tooth may regrow, leading to the reattachment – usually take several weeks.

Once reattached, we will examine your tooth and remove the splint.

In many cases, the toothache in children can confuse you as you can’t identify the location of the pain. Also, your toddler may not be able to pinpoint the area of pain. If so, you can check for redness and swelling on the cheek and gums or visible caries to identify the location of the pain.
  • Help your child to floss as the food particles stuck between teeth can cause pain.
  • Make them rinse with warm salt water. Also, ask them to swish the water in the area where they feel pain.
  • Provide them with a cold compress or cold pack and ask them to put on the cheek – where they feel pain – to reduce the inflammation and pain.
If your child experiences severe pain, fever, or difficulty to breath or swallow, contact us immediately for emergency dental care services.

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