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Need to remove decayed or diseased teeth? Choose Hashtag Dentist for reliable, professional tooth extraction around Brisbane area. We understand that over time, teeth can start to deteriorate and leave you in excruciating pain. Sometimes, the only way to relieve this is by removing the affected tooth. At Hashtag Dentist, we’re experts when it comes to teeth removal Brisbane procedures. We’re with you every step of the way to take away your discomfort and leave your mouth feeling fresh and healthy once again.

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We understand how integral tooth extraction is, especially because it’s not only a problem for adults, but affects children just as much. Hence, at Hashtag Dentist we’re a family-friendly dental clinic that specialises in children’s oral health. If your child needs a tooth extracted and fast, trust our team at Hashtag Dentist to get the job done and to ensure your child feels comfortable while the procedure is being done. We pride ourselves on being a family dentist and design the methods of our practice around this philosophy.

Why are teeth removed?

You might need to have a tooth pulled out if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Severe gum diseases
  • A deep infection in the tooth
  • A broken tooth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Wisdom tooth removal
  • Decay has reached deep into the tooth
  • Infection has destroyed a large portion of the tooth
  • Baby teeth do not naturally fall out in time for the adult teeth to come in
  • If you are getting braces and need additional teeth extracted
  • Extra teeth that are blocking other teeth from protruding

There may be some alternatives to tooth extraction that you can discuss with our professionals at Hashtag Dentist. We’ll tell you what the benefits and risks of any alternatives are and whether your case is better suited to the tooth extraction Brisbane process or a different route.

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What is the procedure for a tooth extraction?

Our tooth extraction process is simple and efficient. We will usually give you a local anaesthetic to numb your mouth, so you don’t feel pain and then use a tool to loosen the tooth that’s lodged in the gum. Once the tooth is loose, we will remove it with forceps.

However, we understand that not all tooth removal cases are the same and that some may be more complex than others. Therefore, we also offer surgical extraction treatments. This is a more complex procedure for when the tooth may have broken off into the gum or the tooth has not protruded from the gum just yet. Our dentists will make a small incision into your gum so that we can carefully and effectively get rid of the underlying tooth.

The aftermath of the tooth extraction process is dependent on your case. After the tooth is removed, our dentists will ensure your gum socket is clean to prevent any infections from occurring. If for any reason your extraction was a little more complicated and we had to cut the gum for the removal process, we will stitch close the cut. Usually, you will be bleeding after the extraction which is why we will give you a piece of gauze to chew down on until the bleeding has stopped. 

Similarly, as the anaesthetic wears off over time, you will start to feel some pain which you subdue with the help of over-the-counter painkillers or medicine. It’s best to only eat soft foods and use the unaffected side of your mouth to chew while the wound is still fresh. The recovery process for a tooth extraction usually lasts 1-2 weeks until it is healed.

Cost of tooth extraction in Brisbane

The Tooth Removal cost is dependent on each individual case. Talk to our team  today for a comprehensive discussion on your tooth removal needs and the potential Tooth removal cost in Brisbane.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The level of pain and healing process will vary from person to person and depend on a few factors, including:

  • Surrounding tissue damage: At hashtag dentist we are incredibly gentle with our extractions to minimise the amount of gum trauma. 
  • The reason for extraction: If you got your tooth removed because of infection, your gums, tissue, and even supporting bones might take more time to recover. 
  • The tooth that was removed: teeth with deeper roots generally take longer to heal.
  • Your pain threshold levels. 

In most instances, pain should ease within three days. If this is not the case, please contact your dentist for a check-up. 

For simple extractions, pain should ease within three days, with the gum healing within seven to ten days. 

Wisdom teeth or more complicated extractions that involve infection or multiple teeth may take up to two weeks. 

It is normal to experience low-level bleeding for up to 24 hours after the extraction, especially as the blood clot forms on the extraction site. To prevent dislodging the clot and speed up your recovery, consider the following: 

– Get plenty of rest
– Change the gauze as necessary
– Don’t rinse, swish or gargle in the mouth
– Avoid straws and spitting as they place pressure on the clot
– Do not smoke
– Take pain relievers like Paracetamol and Ibuprofen
– Use ice packs to help dull pain
– Elevate the head
– Only eat soft foods

After tooth extraction, a blood clot will form to hold everything in place and help with healing. A dry socket occurs when this clot becomes dislodged, halting the healing process. Several things can dislodge the clot, including: 

– Increased blood pressure
– Smoking
– Excessive rinsing and cleaning of the wound

If your pain does not subside after 3-4 days of the extraction, a dry socket may be the cause. 

The cost of your tooth extraction will vary based on several factors; however, you can expect to pay around the following:

Non-surgical extraction – $150-$300

Surgical extraction – Up to $500

Wisdom tooth – $500 – $750

All four wisdom teeth – $2000 – $4000

Give our team a call for the most accurate idea of how much your extraction will cost with #dentist. We can also provide the relevant reference codes to see how much your procedure is covered by Private Health Insurance. 

Providing the healing process is going well, and the pain has started to subside you can begin introducing slightly more solid foods like eggs, toast and oatmeal after three days. If this goes well, you can then continue eating more solid foods. Just be sure to avoid the following within the first week after surgery:

– Acidic and spicy foods
– Alcoholic beverages
– Small grains like rice and quinoa as they can become trapped in the hole
– Hard to check foods, like jerky, nuts and chips
– Smoking

In need of a tooth extraction ?  Choose the team at Hashtag Dentist for a fast and reliable tooth removal service in Brisbane. Our treatment will guarantee success and better oral health. For more information on our tooth extraction procedures or any further queries, call us today on (07) 3060 8424 or 0432 277 707 or book an appointment with our dentists.

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