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Hashtag Dentist at Carina Heights is a reliable, safe, and experienced dental clinic that specialises in an array of dental treatments for the whole family. No matter what dental issue you’re dealing with, our team of professional family dentists near Carina Heights, QLD 4152 can fix it for you.

When you choose us, we’ll guarantee a customer-oriented approach which means you always come first. We’ll focus on your issue and provide treatment that suits your needs perfectly. When you need affordable and high-quality dental care, choose our dentist.

Comprehensive Family Dental Care in Carina Heights QLD

We’re dedicated to providing premium dental care to all our patients whenever it’s needed. At our family dental clinic near Carina Heights, we strive to complete each dental procedure with the highest level of excellence. If money is an issue, then stop worrying. We’ve created payment plans which makes it easier for you to get the best possible dental care without stressing about finances. We’re here to help you with all your oral health care requirements, and we won’t stop until you’re satisfied.

Premium Dental Care

We provide dental care for the whole family. Our team of specialists will sit down with you one on one to discuss your oral health issues and how we can help to rectify them. Whether it’s general dentistry or something a little more complicated like oral surgery, we’ll take care of it. We want to ensure you’re receiving high-quality dental treatment and that’s why your satisfaction matters to us.

Individual Treatment

Every set of teeth is different and that’s why we offer tailored treatments to our customers – ensuring they get everything they need for their oral health care needs. Every dental treatment starts with a one on one consultation where our Dentist Carina Heights will outline the details of your desired procedure so that you fully understand the risks and benefits after your treatment is complete.

Safe Materials

your safety is our biggest concern. With this being one of our major focuses, we only use materials that are safe and will not cause any harm to your body or teeth. We ensure that all our patients have a positive, safe experience when they step inside one of our dental clinics.

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Emergency Dental Care available for all Carina Heights residents

Our dental care team at Hashtag Dentist at Carina Heights understands how stressful it can be when you experience a dental emergency. Because of this, we treat all dental emergencies as a priority and do everything that we can to get you and your family back to health ASAP.

The dentists on our team have years of experience managing all dental emergencies in a caring environment, and we ensure your comfort at every step. In addition to our expertise in providing emergency dental treatment, we are also adept at managing dental fear.

It is important to remain calm when dealing with a dental emergency and assess the situation. In order to begin treating the dental issue, we must decide if it is urgent or if it can wait. Some of the most common dental emergencies include:

  • Emergency dental care for children
  • Severe toothaches
  • Abscess or infection
  • Inflammation or swelling
  • Broken or knocked-out tooth
  • Painful or impacted wisdom teeth
  • A cracked tooth or a missing filling
  • Missing or damaged crowns

For patients requiring dental emergency services in Carina Heights, same-day appointments are available to prevent further damage or infection. If you need emergency dental assistance after hours, contact us on Hashtag Dentist at Carina Heights on (07) 3060 8424.

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Get a Confident Smile With Carina Heights Invisalign Orthodontics

Through the use of nearly invisible, removable aligners, Invisalign uses a new technology to straighten your teeth.

You will have teeth x-rayed, photographs taken, and impressions taken by your dentist at our Carina Heights clinic. Your dentist will then create a three-dimensional digital image of your teeth. Your local dentist will then be able to display the series of motions your teeth will go through for each stage of a treatment using this technology. Your teeth will then be aligned with a set of clear aligners, which are custom-made, especially for you.

Aligners are worn for approximately two weeks before being replaced. Each aligner is made specifically for your teeth. The teeth slowly move into their final positions as you wear each set of aligners.

Straighter teeth can be achieved with Invisalign technology and your natural functionality and beauty can be restored.

General Dentistry
Carina Heights

We cater to all your general dentistry needs. Whether you’re in need of a filling, tooth removal, root canal treatment, pain management strategy, oral hygiene check-up, emergency dental care or anything else, we’ve got you covered. If you want to find out more about our general dental procedure treatments we offer at Carina Heights, feel free to talk to our professionals today and start your dental journey with us.

Cosmetic Dentistry
Carina Heights

When you want a brighter smile and whiter teeth, choose Hashtag Dentist for all your cosmetic dentistry needs. Get back the confidence you’ve always wanted with the help of our professional dentists. Cosmetic dentistry may take some time to complete, but the results tend to speak for themselves – it’ll have you looking good and feeling your best. Cosmetic dental procedure treatment include porcelain teeth veneers, composite and resin veneers performed at our clinic dental crowns, teeth whitening (take home and in-the-chair services at Carina Heights), full mouth rehabilitation, and more. When you need comprehensive cosmetic dentistry near Carina Heights, book a consultation with our team of highly experienced Dentist at Carina Heights.

Oral Surgery
Carina Heights

When you’re suffering from a dental issue that requires oral surgery, our team can provide reliable and high-quality dentistry to help you feel better and back to your prime. When you need dental care that matters, we’re here for you. We’re experts in oral surgery procedures such as dental implants (performed in the chair at our Carina Heights clinic), wisdom teeth removal, dermal fillers, and much more. Whatever the dental surgery may be, we’ve got you covered. Talk to us today about your oral surgery needs and how we can help solve the issue.

Trusted Dentist Carina Heights

As per the study, knowing the signs of mouth cancer, gum disease, and dental decay is essential in the initial stage. Consulting a dentist will help you check all these things regularly while preventing more serious dental issues down the road. Contact our team of The Best dentist in Carina Heights QLD, 4152. It is hardly 4.2 km, i.e., 6 min away from Holland Park, QLD. We provide general dental, family dental and cosmetic dental services to local areas Carina Heights and surrounding areas.

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Holland Park General Practice, 1173 Logan road, Holland Park West, QLD 4121

Note:-Public Holiday opening hours may differ. Please call for exact hours and practitioner availability.

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Our team is committed to providing our customers dental services that are perfect for the whole family. For more information on our dental services, Call us today on (07) 3060 8424 or book an appointment.

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What types of payment are accepted at your clinic near Carina Heights QLD?

How do I pay for treatment at your Carina Heights clinic? We accept all Australian debit and credit cards along with cash, plus we have HICAPS for the processing of private health insurance claims. We understand that dental services can be expensive and dental emergencies can strike at the worst possible time. So we are happy to offer AfterPay as well, so you can pay for your cosmetic or other dental services over four easy instalments. We want all Carina Heights residents to have access to affordable and professional dental care.

What sort of orthodontics do you provide near Carina Heights QLD?

Traditional braces can be painful, difficult to clean and can make children and adults extremely self-conscious. This is why we offer the latest technology in orthodontics – Invisalign. This technology allows us to create a 3D model of your mouth in our Carina Heights clinic and create specialised moulds for retainers for your mouth. They are clear, practically invisible and can be removed while you eat and clean your teeth. Every two weeks a new retainer is supplied until your teeth are straight and you have a perfect smile.

Why should I pick you as my Carina Heights dentist of choice?

The cornerstones of our clinic are professional staff, a hygienic environment and safe practices for all dental treatments. Our goal is to help all of our clients develop the best possible oral habits for life and want to remove any fears you have of the dentist. We provide a calm and soothing environment that is perfect for children and adults and assure you of the most pain-free procedures possible through the use of anesthesia and proper after-care for your procedure.

Do you provide emergency treatment for patients from Carina Heights QLD?

When dental emergencies are left untreated, they can lead to major consequences like infection and worse. If you have suffered dental trauma or are in extreme pain, waiting until the morning is often not an option. Hashtag Dentist at Carina Heights is available for after-hours emergency treatment and we have dentists on-call seven days a week. If you have a dental situation that cannot wait, please do not hesitate to contact us on (07) 3060 8424.

Do you offer teeth whitening treatments for Carina Heights QLD patients?

Teeth whitening technology has come a long way and we are proud to offer the latest innovations and advancements at our Carina Heights clinic. We offer take-home and in-the-chair whitening procedures including power bleaching and laser treatments that will eliminate discolouration caused by factors like food, drink, smoking and more.

Do you provide dental implants for Carina Heights patients?

With dental implants, you can smile in confidence with a healthy, beautiful smile that matches your natural teeth’s colour and shape. No matter how many teeth you are missing, dental implants can be used to replace them all.

There are many ways to replace missing teeth, including dental implants. Up until a few years ago, the only solution for missing teeth was a dental bridge or denture. Hashtag Dentist at Carina Heights can assess your oral health and make the best suggestion for the ultimate smile that meets your budget, including the latest in dental implant procedures.

What insurances do you accept?

Our Carina Heights clinic has HICAPS facilities to process your private health insurance claim and payment with ease. Not all procedures are covered by all insurers or policies, so speak to our team first. We can help assess your dental extras package and offer advice to assist in getting the best private health insurance possible in Australia.

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