Fissure Sealant Preventing Tooth Cavities

Deep grooves in your teeth are known as “pits” and “fissures”. It occurs naturally on the biting surfaces of teeth. Various factors cause grooves to expand, including plaque build-up, brushing forcefully with a hard toothbrush, eating disorders like anorexia or bite misalignment. If you also have grooves in teeth, then a fissure sealant or dental sealant is the preventive treatment for you to consider. At Hashtag Dentist, we take pride in ourselves for providing effective tooth fissure sealing treatment as per your needs. 

Over the years, we have been helping people to seal the fissures or pits on the top of their back teeth while preventing teeth lost. Our dental technicians use special dental paint to tint the chewing surface of your tooth. As a result, all the nooks and crannies are sealed, which makes your tooth easier to clean while blocking decay. With us, you will get a correctly sealed tooth and 100% protection. 

Significance of Applying Dental Sealants at Hashtag Dentist

If the bitting surface of your back teeth contains pits and fissures, then dental sealants are vital for you. Here, pits are a small depression on the surface of your tooth, whereas fissures are the grooves that occur naturally on all biting surfaces of teeth. When you choose us for tooth fissure sealing process, we first examine the pattern of the fissures. If it is simple and shallow, then you can clean it easily with your tooth and here no sealant is recommended. 

However, if the fissures of your teeth are deep and narrow, then it provides a sheltered place for bacteria to develop. It is because the bristles of your brush cannot reach the plaque and food debris stuck in there. As a result, it leads to decay. Note that the fissure is five times more likely to deteriorate than other tooth surfaces. 

Getting fissure sealants at Hashtag Dentist render the pits and fissures easier to clean during chewing because food particles do not get trapped when you have sealants applied. Usually, the sealants last for years, but you need to regularly visit the dentist for ensuring that the seal is intact. In case of wear, we also help you to replace the sealant to avoid tooth decay. 

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Steps Involve in Our Dental Fissure Sealants Procedure

Procedure for pit and fissure sealant placement may vary based on the type of sealant. In this tooth sealant treatment, there is no need for anaesthetic, and usually, it takes a few minutes per tooth to fill the cavity filling. We perform dental fissure sealing procedure below steps: –

  • Clean and dry the tooth:Our dental team will clean your tooth surface thoroughly before the placement of the sealant. 
  • Prepare the tooth surface:In this step, we isolate the tooth surface using cotton rolls, dry field pads, etc., so that the sealant bonds well.
  • Etch the tooth surface into the deep grooves and pits:This process is usually called conditioning which aims to kill bacteria in the fissures. It takes 20 seconds to etch your teeth.
  • Applying bond agent:After etching and drying the tooth surface, we apply the bonding agent/primer to increase the retention of the sealant.
  • Put on sealant material: Our dental team will apply the sealant material on the prepared tooth using a syringe in the pits and fissures. 
  • Examining your bite and remove any excess sealant:After the application of dental sealants, we check for any flaws and occlusion using an explorer. We treat one quadrant at a time for more accuracy. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Tooth Fissure Sealing

1. Can you eat after applying fissure sealant?

After applying the sealant, you have to take preventive dental appointments. Here we will examine chipping, leakage, wear, and overall effectiveness. We suggest you eat, drink, floss, and brush when the dental sealant material reaches its final hardness. 

2. When should dental sealants be applied to the teeth?

Tooth sealant treatment will help adult as well as the child to prevent most cavities. It should be applied soon after the permanent molars, i.e., flat back teeth come into your mouth. 

3. How long do pit and fissure sealants last?

Sealants deteriorate over time. Thus, it needs to be replaced or add some sealant to avoid decay. Here our dental team will ensure to examine your dental sealant frequently to prolong its lifespan. 

4. Do fissure sealants hurt?

Getting a tooth fissure sealing is an effortless procedure and painless. There are no needles used in this process. However, but the preparation includes drill, suction, and finger pressure. 

Looking for Quality Teeth Sealant Treatment?

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