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Don’t like the way your smile looks with a missing tooth? Want oral dentistry that lasts? Choose Hashtag Dentist for your dental implant needs. With our tooth implants in Brisbane, you’ll be showing off your pearly whites in no time. We help to replace old decaying teeth with artificial implants for longevity and comfort.

Tooth Implants in Brisbane

When it comes to missing or decaying teeth, tooth implants are an impressive way of restoring the natural look of your teeth. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they also have great functionality. Dental implants come in a wide range of shapes and sizes so that they can perfectly match your set of teeth. They are also extremely easy to care for. Other benefits of teeth implants include:

  • Improved speechSometimes, a missing tooth can cause speech difficulties. With implants, any previous speech issues will be rectified as you’ll have full functionality with your mouth just like you did before the tooth went missing.
  • Improved comfortHaving a missing, painful, or diseased tooth can cause aconstant uncomfortable feeling in the mouth, you’ll finally be at ease and able to conduct your daily activities without any form of discomfort.
  • Easier to eat and chewMissing or rotten teeth can make it extremely difficult to eat and chew a variety of foods. With this treatment, your mouth’s natural strength will be restored, and it’ll become a lot easier to eat and chew your favourite foods.
  • Improved oral healthAt Hashtag Dentist, we focus on overall oral health. In some cases, the addition of a dental implants may be the solution to improving your oral health. Let us help you take the necessary steps.
  • Durabilityimplants are highly durable meaning that they last a very long time.
  • Improved confidence – It is designed to restore your teeth which only means that it’ll give you more aesthetic value and in turn, improve your confidence so you can show off your smile for everyone to see.
  • Pain free and worry freeThe dental treatment is pain free and we guarantee that after they’ve been put in, you won’t have to worry about them
  • ConvenienceDental implants eliminate the need to constantly remove and attach temporary dentures which can be inconvenient in public scenarios.


Dental Implants Cost in Brisbane

The dental implants cost in Brisbane may vary anywhere between $3000 and $6500 depending on a number of factors including your type of dental coverage. You can talk to our dentists if you have specific questions on the tooth implants costs or the procedure. Your dentist will discuss all dental implants pricing with you before moving forward with the procedure.

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All of our oral surgery procedures are completed safely, hassle-free, and to a quality our team at Hashtag Dentist are proud of. To discuss the dental implants cost in Brisbane for such a implants procedure, We have a dental implants payment plans in Brisbane, contact our dentists today or take a look at our payment plans.

It takes some time to finally reach the final stage of attaching the implants to your mouth, but our team at Hashtag Dentist are with you every step of the way. Our dental implants procedure Brisbane is as follows:

Dental Implants Procedure:

  • We’ll start off with some scans and an x-ray of your jaw to give us a clear understanding of where to place the implant
  • Once this is done, you’ll have a minor operation in which we place the implants into your jawbone. This surgery is done under anaesthesia so that you don’t feel any of the pain
  • After this surgery, we have to play a little waiting game. We must wait a few months for the bone to grow around the implants we’ve placed into it
  • When the implant is stable, we’ll create a base for your new tooth so that it fits right in
  • We’ll take a mould of your mouth so that we can create the perfect artificial tooth for you
  • The last step is when the artificial tooth is finally mounted on the base and your dental implant has been successfully placed into your mouth – giving you the perfect smile you’ve always wanted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dental implant is a metallic or non-metallic screw that functions like your natural tooth root. The implant is placed into your jawbone – in place of your missing tooth – through an invasive procedure.

Later, you will get a custom dental bridge or crown mounted onto the implant to work like your natural tooth.

The total dental implant cost in Brisbane includes the diagnostic fee, the procedure cost, and the price of the implants. If you have low jawbone density, we may provide you with a bone grafting procedure before offering the dental implants.

In such cases, it can increase the total cost of the procedure. In Brisbane, the cost of a single implants can range between $3,000 and $6,500. If you have low jawbone density issue and receive bone grafting, the total cost of the procedure may go up to $11,500 per tooth.

You can talk to our dentists if you have specific questions on the tooth implants costs or the procedure.

Teeth implants are a bit pricey, and people often search for ways to make them cheaper. In reality, there are almost no ways to significantly reduce the cost of an implants procedure considering the price of the titanium implants. However, excellent durability, high success rate, and natural tooth-like functionality make implants a high-value dental restoration option regardless of the cost.

As a budget-friendly dentist, we take all the possible ways to offer affordable dental implants treatment in Brisbane experience to our patients. Additionally, we also offer flexible monthly payment plans for dental implants by collaborating with Afterpay. Talk to us today to learn how we can help you with getting affordable teeth implants Brisbane.

Three factors make dental implants expensive:

  • The cost of the dental implants – The primary choice for most patients are titanium implants – an expensive metal with excellent biocompatible characteristics and durability.
  • The cost of dental crowns or bridges – After fixing the implants, patients choose dental crowns or bridges that are made from porcelain or porcelain-fused metal to appeal like natural teeth. Porcelain is a costly material though it can combine style and functionality.
  • The cost of the surgical procedure – Implants have a surgical procedure, and the dentist has to deal with various complexities – including multiple nerves, possibilities of infection, and more. The expertise and years of experience of the implant dentist are big factors in the success of the procedure.

The entire process of tooth implants generally takes 3-8 months for most patients. The complexity of the procedure and your general oral health are significant factors that decide the duration of the procedure.

If you have low jawbone density, we may perform a bone grafting procedure first to regrow the jawbone. It usually takes 3-6 months for the jawbone to regrow after receiving the bone grafting procedure. This can make the duration of the entire procedure further extended.

Compared to other dental restoration options, dental implants have a lengthy process. You often need to wait 3-8 months for an implant to fuse with your jawbone. Also, it is placed to your jawbone through a surgical procedure though it has an excellent success rate.

Thirdly, people who want cheap dental restoration options may not find dental implants a great choice for their needs.

Your oral condition and preferences should decide whether you want a bridge or an implant. While both serve the purpose of restoring your lost tooth, an implant can mimic your natural tooth in terms of functionality and appeal. However, the duration of the treatment – including recovery – usually takes 3-8 months and involves surgical procedures.

A bridge is a natural choice if you want immediate restoration. However, you should have healthy neighbouring teeth to receive a bridge as bridges are anchored to the adjacent teeth. It is also an inexpensive restoration option compared to implants. But the durability of bridges is less, and they are not as appealing as dental implants.

Dental implants are suitable for everyone who have a fully developed oral structure and grown permanent teeth. To receive dental implants, you should have good oral health and enough jawbone density.

If you have chronic general health issues such as diabetes and heart disease or received radiation therapy to the neck/head area, we can confirm your eligibility for the procedure only after the initial examination.

As long as you have a healthy mouth and good jawbone density, age is not a factor for you to receive the dental implants procedure. However, we don’t offer dental implants for children whose oral structure is fully developed and permanent teeth are not grown.

Compared to other restoration options, dental implants give you several benefits:

  • Natural tooth-like appeal and functionality
  • Long-lasting results – often beyond 20 years
  • Fixed dental restoration
  • Improved oral health and better support for the jawbone
  • Excellent success rate over 95 percent

In many regards, if you want a permanent, fixed dental restoration, dental implants are your most realistic option.

Thinking about affordable dental implants Brisbane but have a few more questions? Our team at Hashtag Dentist are happy to help and take care of any queries you may have. Call us today on (07) 3060 8424 or 0432 277 707 or book an appointment for the best dental Implant cost Brisbane.

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