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If you have one or more missing teeth, then bridging that gap can help you reduce the risk of causing oral health issues. However, it will also support your other healthy teeth on either side to prevent them from being crooked. There are different treatments for replacing missing teeth. One of the best is getting dentures. At Hashtag Dentist, we help you fix dentures which are made keeping in mind the colour and look of your natural teeth. Our dentures help you chew and speak normally and cost less compared to other teeth replacement alternatives.

Our Wide Range of Dentures to Suit Your Needs

  •  Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are used to replace all your upper or lower teeth or both. There are two stages to receiving full dentures. At each stage, the dentures are slightly different, they are known as “conventional”, “immediate” and “implant retained”.

When you want to replace all upper or lower teeth or both, then we suggest you get a complete denture. It is also referred to as conventional, immediate, and implant-retained dentures. There are two sections involved in getting full dentures, and at each section, the dentures are little different.

  • Partial Dentures

If you only need to replace one or more missing teeth in either upper or lower arch, then our dental practitioner will advise you for partial dentures. Choosing this type of denture will help you protect your other natural teeth while reducing the wear and tear caused because of chewing.

  • Flexible Dentures

For more elasticity and clinically unbreakable denture requirement, we provide flexible dentures which are also known as “Valplast” denture. It is made by injecting thermoplastic nylon. Also, this type of dentures doesn’t require metal retainers because of its flexible nature.

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We Provide Immediate Dentures as Quick Tooth Loss Solution

Simple dentures which are placed into your mouth directly on the completion of teeth extraction procedure is popularly known as immediate dentures. These types of dentures are meant to be a temporary solution to fill up the gap in your gums. Thus, you can call it as a quick solution for tooth loss. We, at Hashtag Dentist, take pride in providing immediate dentures while ensuring the feeling of comfort for our patients. 


These immediate dentures are made out of acrylic like most conventional dentures which help your gums to heal after tooth extraction. Our professional team of the dentist also assist you if you require temporary emergency dentures in a short time. Therefore, if you decide to get an immediate denture, then our dental prosthetists’ can examine your current tooth condition and discuss further needs.


Looking for Emergency Denture Repairs?

Over the years, dentures get damaged, and it needs repair. The overall denture repair refers to fixing either a part of or the entire outline of the denture. It ranges from a single tooth repair to the multiple teeth replacement. Also, note that the average time span of a denture seldom is about 20 years. Hence, no matter how much you take care, denture repairs are required. 


From effective denture repair procedure to denture cleaning, our team of professional are well-equipped with the knowledge to restore your denture back to an original state. We offer a wide range of services including all types of dentures from full, partial to implant-supported. Our expert dental practitioner uses the best equipment and proven methods to accomplish the highest standards of safety and hygiene. 


Benefits of Visiting Our Affordable Denture Clinic

  • Quick and affordable dental treatments, especially for denture repairs
  • Quality workmanship with the minimum wait time possible 
  • Usage of advance denture fabrication technologies
  • Guaranteed satisfaction that many people trust and rely on

We even don’t cut the corner when fabricating dentures at our denture clinic. Thus, we provide denture solutions at an affordable price that suits your budget and needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Dentures to Resolve Your Queries

1. How Much Do Dentures Cost?

Denture prices vary depending upon the type of false teeth you require and materials used. For example, complete dentures have more cost than particle dentures and so on. 


2. How Long Does It Take to Get Used to Dentures?

Approximate time in which you will get used to of wearing dentures is about 30 days. It would be best if you had patience during this time. 


3. Is It Painful to Get Dentures? 

It is very normal to feel a little irritation; however, this goes as the mouth becomes used to your dentures. 


4. How Long Do Dentures Last? 

If you take proper care, then your dentures will last up to 5 to 8 years. Once your denture gets damaged, it needs to be relined to make it more comfortable and safer. 

5. Is Eating Possible After Getting Dentures?

In the initial stage of getting dentures, we recommend you to take softer food items and into small parts. It includes food like pudding, mashed potatoes, yoghurt, and much more. 


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