Tooth fillings are extremely common and are usually used to prevent further damage from occurring to a tooth when decay is present. A filling can remove any bacteria and close off the affected area which will prevent any further decay from happening. Although traditional dental fillings are silver amalgam, nowadays, fillings can look a lot more natural using composite white fillings.

Why Might I need White Fillings?

There are a range of reasons why someone may need composite white fillings, these could include:
  • Fillings for teeth that have fractured or decayed
  • Improving the look of discoloured of disproportionate teeth
  • To fix gaps between teeth
  • To replace defective amalgam fillings
If you have any of these issues, book an appointment with our team and we’ll discuss whether a white filling is appropriate for your teeth. Contact us today for more information.

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The White Filling Process At hashtag dentist

The white filling process at Hashtag Dentist is simple and effective. Our team of dentists will remove plaque, tartar, decay and existing filling from the tooth. We will then clean and dry it so that the outcome of the procedure will produce the desired results. Once this is done, we will coat the surface of the tooth with a gel and bonding solution to ensure the filling stays on the tooth. The white filling is then placed into the tooth cavity and then moulded to match the structure of the tooth. A curing light is used to harden the filling, followed by a trim and polish that the filling looks just like your natural tooth would. For more information on our white filling process or why you should use white fillings over traditional silver, contact us at Hashtag Dentist today.

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Why Choose Composite White Fillings?

Less Noticeable

Composite or white fillings have grown in popularity over the years as they can blend in with your natural teeth. This is especially helpful when you want your filling to be less noticeable. For example, when you have a cavity in your smile zone. When this happens, you wouldn’t want to opt for a silver amalgam filling as it would be extremely noticeable and would hinder your smile. Therefore, when you want to retain the glow of your smile but need a cavity fixed right away, contact our dental specialists at Hashtag Dentist.

Less Invasive Method

No one likes to be constantly poked and prodded. Sharp tools near your teeth and gums can be frightening and stressful – especially when you hear that drill turning on. With standard silver fillings, preparing the tooth to treat the cavity requires using a dental drill so that the filling can fit properly. However, when opting for a white filling, it bonds to the natural structure of your teeth meaning that the procedure is less invasive and may only require very little drilling to remove the decay from the tooth.

Easily Replaceable

Replacing white fillings is less complicated than replacing silver ones. When our dentists at Hashtag Dentist have to replace a silver filling, we need to remove the entire filling before cleaning the area and then replacing it – which involves removing some of the natural tooth structure once again and further altering the tooth’s shape. Alternatively, with white fillings, we’ll only need to remove the damaged portion of the filling before replacing it. This makes the process a lot easier and quicker without any invasive methods and keeping your tooth’s natural structure intact. Although white fillings are considered to last less than traditional amalgam fillings, technology now has made the two increasingly comparable and therefore, white fillings are starting to become even more successful. If you’re worried about how long your white filling will last, talk to our team at Hashtag Dentist and we will focus on your dental history to advise you on how to maintain them.

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Do you have a cavity that you need filled but don’t want the ugly look of silver hindering your smile? Choose the composite white filling treatment from hashtag dentist. Our team is specialised in dealing with decaying and fractured teeth to restore and improve the look and feel of your mouth. For more information on composite white fillings or any of our other dental services, call us today on (07) 3060 8424 or 0432 277 707 or book an appointment with our dentists.

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