Pain Management for Various Dental Problems

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Some individuals still suffer from phobia and anxiety, which becomes difficult for them to undergo dental treatment that they need badly. At Hashtag Dentist, patient’s comfort is our top priority. We aim to offer our patients a pleasant and pain-free environment. All our skilled dental practitioners are trained to pay close attention to the patient’s comfort while reducing the causes of pain. 

What are the Sources of Dental Pain?


When your tooth decay or suffering from gum diseases called periodontal disorders, then your teeth and tooth attachments may give rise to painful symptoms. Here the kind of pain you might experience may vary from fleeting sensitivity, to hot and cold that indicate the early onset of decay, and the acute throbbing pain caused by a dental abscess. Later on, the case even becomes worst that you can’t touch the teeth, making eating difficult. 

Post-Operative Pain

The level of pain is related to your damaged dental tissues. For example, if you undergo surgical removal of wisdom tooth, then for several days, you can have pain and discomfort. Here we give our patients suitable medications and advised to follow the process to promote quick healing while decreasing the feeling of discomfort. Usually, the post-operative pain lasts for more than ten days. However, here you don’t need to take medication for more than three days. 

Dental/Facial Pain

There are various causes of dental pain in people who have the healthiest teeth and excellent oral health. Like the condition of the sinusitis. Here you get hurt on one or both sides of the faces, similar to an aching tooth. Also, facial neuralgia can cause you pain. Here the diagnosis may not be secure. Therefore, it becomes vital to appoint our dental team who help you manage pain while reducing the symptoms of diseases. 

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We aim to Provide You Pain-free and Comfortable Experience

Every year most of the people suffer from dental pain and discomfort, and out of which 20% of people require emergency dental treatment. If you are also experiencing any of the dental issues like toothaches or facial pain, then we are your one-stop destination for effective dental treatments. From examining the proper healing process, our dental experts will take care of all procedures efficiently. 

We understand your pain and thus developed unique services to ensure that you leave with a positive feeling whenever you visit us. Our professionals provide inhalation sedation or happy gas, where the patient is less sensitive to pain and anxiety. Also, offer oral sedatives like Valium to people who don’t need inhalation sedation. The overall aim is to deliver you a pain-free and comfortable experience in all our dental procedures. 

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Our Pain Management Options After Tooth Extraction

These days any dental procedure, including tooth extraction is very less painful because we have the option of local anaesthetics like Articaine. The anaesthetic procedure makes your tooth surface less sensitive while making you comfortable during dental treatment. 

Additionally, we also consider other dental pain management alternatives like noise cancelling, providing headphones, and nice warm blankets for patients to get a relaxed environment. Also, for patients who cannot bear the pain, we prefer an ibuprofen-paracetamol combination. As a result, for almost 24 hours, the patient can be free from the pain. 

On the other, we also provide our patients with the best ideas when they need a tooth extraction. Also, solve their queries on how long to expect pain when treating tooth extraction and how to manage the pain in the best way. 

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If you are worried or have phobia on getting dental treatments, then Hashtag Dentist is your helping hand providing the best pain management ideas and medications. Thus, get the best dental treatment with us without worrying about the pain. For more information on our tooth pain treatment or other therapies, kindly contact us at (07) 3060 8424 or 0432 277 707 . Our dental team will assist you in the best way.

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