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Your natural tooth is precious. Even the best technology cannot do the complete replacement of your natural teeth. A traumatic injury to your natural teeth may lead to long-term consequences. It’s better to safeguard your teeth from such type of injury.

Mouthguards or nightguards can be the best inexpensive option. It prevents and minimises damage caused to your permanent teeth, lips, tongue, cheeks, and gum due to injury or accidents.

Hashtag Dentist provides a wide range of mouthguards and nightguards for adults and kids to protect your teeth and gum completely when you are playing any contact sports or doing activities that involve the risk of injury or accident.

How Mouthguards Protect Against Dental Injuries?

When you experience impact on the lower side of your face while playing contact sports or doing any activities, the force of severe impact can transfer to your teeth, jaw,and skull. It makes you exposed to the risk of getting injured. The injury can lead to:

  • Teeth damage
  • Oral trauma due to cuts on the tongue or gums
  • Oral injuries
  • Tooth loss
  • Concussion

Mouthguards provide cushioning that has the potential to absorb impact on your face. They act as a blow absorber that reduces the impact or forces transferred to your lips, teeth, jaw, gums, or skull and protect your head and facial organs against serious accidental injuries.

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Why Trust Hashtag Dentist For Custom Mouthguards?

Hashtag Dentist is renowned for designing highest quality mouthguard for teeth grinding or clenching Brisbane wide. They are made up of the premium quality material and can provide over ten times more protection than standard or prefabricated mouthguards available in the market. Some of the specialties of our product that make it a preferred choice for our customers are:

Accurate Fitting

We custom design mouthguards based on the shape, size, and structure of your specific teeth and gums to ensure better fit and comfort. They are specially made to fit the structure of your teeth accurately. Hence, they won’t make you feel overly tight or loose.

More Protection

Our customised mouthguards are designed to provide minimal gaps between your teeth and the mouthguard. It helps in better absorption of impact, reducing and displacing forces transferred to your mouth during the impact. Hence, they offer better protection than other standard mouthguards.

Better Performance

You will love to use our dental appliances because of their better fitting. It will make you feel more comfortable and forget that you have wore mouthguard. This will allow you to focus more on your performance.

More Comfort In Speech and Breathing

Our quality dentist-fitted appliance fits your mouth accurately and allows normal speech and breathing. It protects more than just teeth. It helps in buffering a blow that otherwise could cause cuts to your tongue or lips. It is easy to clean and maintain.

More Colour Options

Unlike prefabricated mouthguards that are available in set standard colours, we offer more colour combinations to suit your interest. It allows you to customise your mouthguards based on your preference or colour of your sports team.

Our Custom Mouthguards And Nightguards For Kids

Does your child regularly play contact sports and participates in physical activities that involve the risk of getting hit on face or head? We highly recommend getting them a custom mouthguard to protect from accidental injuries.

It will help in protecting your child’s teeth and gums while minimising the impact that can cause concussions. It is the best means to achieve peace of mind and confidence because it ensures that your child is protected while out for playing on the field.

We understand your concern for the protection of your child’s teeth while they are still growing and developing. Hence, we provide the best device possible in a competitive price range. Our dentist-fit mouthguards provide a better fit, more comfort, and superior protection, making your kids look after them more.

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Mouthguard Recommendations

  • Mouthguards are the essential gear for athletes and sportsperson
  • Use the appliance in contact sports and other risky activities for superior protection
  • Clean it using a soft toothbrush before and after use
  • Avoid using hot water, rinse in soapy water and dry out before keeping it in a container
  • Keep the dental appliance in its container when you are not using it

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