Dreaming of straight teeth and a perfect smile? Our Invisalign Brisbane services at hashtagdentist can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. If you’re struggling with crooked teeth that’s bringing you a lack of confidence, opt for our Invisalign treatment for straight teeth in no time. Talk to our invisalign Brisbane dentists today to start your Invisalign journey with us.

At hashtagdentist, our Invisalign Brisbane treatment is easy, quick, and fully reliable. Before we get started with the application process, we let you visualise your new smile. By using an Invisalign simulator, we’ll show you what your new smile could potentially look like when you choose an Invisalign treatment.

We ensure to provide clear communication with all our patients so they know exactly what our procedure entails and the direct results that will come from it. Want to know if the treatment is right for you before we get started? Not to worry, our consultation period will ensure you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. 

Once you’re ready and excited to find your dream smile, we’ll start transforming your teeth right from the get-go. We’ll create custom-made clear aligners that will suit your teeth perfectly and shape your smile into one you’ve always wanted. At your appointments with our  Invisalign orthodontics, we’ll make sure your  clear aligners fit well and are doing their job as well as advising you on any additional steps worth taking. 

With regular check-ups with our  Invisalign orthodontics and wearing your aligners properly, you’ll be showing off that brand-new smile in no time. When the Invisalign treatment is over, we’ll fit you with custom-made retainers to keep your teeth in their final position.

There are no fixed prices when it comes to our Invisalign treatments. The invisalign cost Brisbane varies depending on a variety of factors. We encourage you to consult with our  Invisalign orthodontics for a more accurate estimation of the costs involved in your dental treatment. This is also reliant on the duration of your treatment. Depending on the complexity and severity of your case, your treatment could be completed in as short as 6 months. However, you could also start seeing results for yourself in just a couple of weeks. Every case is different and that’s why we strongly recommend that you chat to one of our dentists about the right Invisalign treatment plan for you.

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There is a range of advantages to choosing Teeth Straightening Clear Aligners instead of other traditional methods such as braces. This includes:

  • They are nearly invisibleWith braces, wires and metal brackets can always be seen – hindering your smile and damaging your confidence. However, with Invisalign Brisbane, the clear aligners are invisible.
  • They require less doctor visits and check-upsYou could complete your treatment in 6 months. This is a much shorter time frame than traditional braces and therefore, won’t require as many dentist appointments.
  • Easily removableClear aligners are easy to remove and place back on. They are hassle-free unlike braces which are fixed.
  • Better and clearer timelines – You get to visualise the final result as well as every stage of treatment. Therefore, you have a better understanding of how long your treatment may take. This is completely different compared to a braces treatment that only gives you an approximate time frame.
  • Less pain – This treatment with cause less pain and irritation than something like metal braces.
  • Non-invasiveClear aligners are non-invasive as it does not require the dentist to perform a dental surgery like it would when attaching metal braces.
  • Better for oral healthAs clear aligners are easily removable, you will still be able to brush and floss your teeth like normal. This isn’t the case when you have braces as it becomes difficult to clean in between the metal – poorly impacting your oral hygiene.

Invisalign treatment FAQ

It is an advanced teeth straightening option that can address a range of minor and moderate issues. It can also correct crowding, inconsistent gaps between teeth, and malocclusion and biting issues.

It uses 3D technology to design every stage of your treatment. With the help of digital X-rays and impressions, we create an Invisalign treatment plan that maps the exact movement of your teeth.

After handing over the aligners to you, we will ask you to visit our dental clinic once every six weeks to examine the progress. We will ensure that you get the result expected from the treatment.

Based on your teeth alignment issues, you may receive 18-36 clear aligners – each should be worn one after other for two weeks. Compared to traditional braces, clear aligners are removable and become an immediate choice for you as they help you to ensure excellent oral health throughout the treatment period.

The cost of Invisalign can vary based on the individual circumstances of the patient. A full Invisalign treatment costs between $6,000-8,000, whereas minor treatments start at $4,500.

You can get a detailed consultation for Invisalign treatment by booking an appointment with us. We will provide you with a comprehensive Invisalign treatment plan with the actual cost for the service.

Compared to other orthodontic options, Invisalign is a preferred choice for most patients with a range of benefits. Some of the primary benefits of Invisalign are the following:

  • These are clear, virtually invisible aligners suitable for a modern lifestyle.
  • Compared to traditional braces, these aligners are removable. You can remove them while eating and brushing – allowing you to ensure excellent oral hygiene and health during the treatment period.
  • Invisalign aligners have no metal brackets, wires, or parts. Therefore, you will find it very comfortable to wear.
  • Compared to other orthodontic options, Invisalign gives you quick teeth straightening results.
  • The results are more predictable with advanced 3D designing technology.

Invisalign can be an excellent choice for your orthodontic issues if you are struggling with any of the following:

  • Protruding teeth
  • Underbites
  • Overbites
  • Overcrowded teeth
  • Gaps in teeth
  • Mildly crooked teeth
  • Imperfect teeth positioning when closing the mouth

Though Invisalign can correct a range of orthodontic issues, it is not a suggested choice for complex or severe issues such as extreme underbite or overbite and crooked teeth. To get the right results, you should wear the Invisalign aligners at least 22 hours a day. If you can’t follow this strictly, Invisalign may not give you the expected results.

At hashtag dentist, an Invisalign treatment begins with a FREE smile assessment and consultation. The consultation will help us to confirm whether the advanced orthodontic treatment option can address your concerns. If you have complex teeth alignment issues, we may suggest traditional braces or other treatment options.

If Invisalign can work for you, we will begin by designing a custom treatment plan. We will take digital X-rays, photographs, and impressions to create a custom treatment plan using Invisalign’s software. The interactive treatment planning tool allows you to see the movement of your teeth at each stage of the treatment. This means you will be sure of the outcome of the treatment before beginning the procedure.

You will get a few sets of custom aligners that you need to wear them – two weeks for each set – one after the other in the correct order. We will ask you to visit us once every six weeks to evaluate the movement of your teeth and the progress of the treatment. Based on our assessment, we may adjust your treatment plan and will provide you with new sets of aligners.

This process will repeat throughout the treatment period – usually between 6-18 months based on the complexity of your teeth alignment issues.

The cost of a full Invisalign treatment is between $6,000-8,000, and you may get 18-36 aligners during the course of the treatment. If you have minor orthodontic issues, we may be able to correct them with 7-16 aligners – the cost starts at $4,500.

At hashtag dentist, we collaborate with Afterpay – a leading interest-free payment service provider – to offer flexible and monthly payment plans to our customer. Contact us to learn more about the payment options, and how they can be convenient for your needs.

Once the Invisalign treatment is over, you will get the smile and teeth alignment that is designed to achieve as per the treatment plan. Our next task is to maintain the teeth alignment and prevent anything that can undo our efforts.

After examining your teeth position, we may provide you with retainers to fix your teeth in position. At #dentist, we offer custom-made retainers that are very convenient for you to wear and provide you with the best retaining results.

Invisalign is not a painful orthodontic procedure. One of the biggest advantages of Invisalign is that the aligners don’t have any metal parts or brackets compared to traditional braces. Made from patented, flexible plastic called SmartTrack®, Invisalign aligners do not have any sharp edges that can cause pain, soreness, or discomfort to your gums and cheeks.

These aligners are designed to slowly push your teeth to the right positions. Therefore, you may feel some level of pressure during the initial days you start wearing every new set of aligners.

Invisalign treatment moves your teeth to the right position for a better smile. However, your teeth may relapse after the treatment is completed, and you stopped wearing the aligners. To avoid this, we may suggest retainers to keep your teeth in place.

Our Invisalign service cost doesn’t include retainers, and spending on retainers can ensure you to enjoy the treatment results for lifelong.

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